Friday, June 17, 2011

Matinicus Trip - The final day!

Before we knew it our time on Matinicus was up. What an amazing week! On the last day we tried to soak up as much Matinicus fun as possible.

I had to get my last hammock time in.

We would miss this porch!

BIG thank you to Ian for a wonderful week of puppetry!

The kids and Ian!

Say "Dirty Hippy!"

In front of our "school away from school"!
I will miss this cuteness.

Passing out the puppets!

Our mobster faces! Word.

Mr. D. and Robin! Thanks for your hospitality!

After a quick morning at school we headed to the beach for one last time!

Can you say, "Beach Party!?"

Chillin' out before we got the bonfire going!

Time to cook some hotdogs!

Beach babies!

After hotdogs it was time for s'mores!


Proud of his marshmallow skills!

Anne came down for the party!

As always, the "cool kids" section.

The Duncans! (We will miss you!!!!!)

Sun bathing beauties.

It was a perfect day for the beach.

We miss this place!


I missed Millie... so I made her out of sand!

Quinn swimming with the pups!

Happy Day!

Well, this pretty much sums up our feelings about Matinicus! WE LOVED IT!

Thank you to everyone on Matinicus for making us feel so welcomed. We had a blast!

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