Monday, June 20, 2011

Art Field Trip!

For our final art class Donna took us on an on-island field trip to take in some of the beautiful art that Monhegan has to offer...

We had to be "incognito" since our Truman Officer happens to run one of the art galleries we were visiting!

And look whose "Dr. Who" drawing we found!? None other than our own art teacher's, Donna! (She is famous, ya know!?)

Admiring some beautiful art.

The Truman Officer came up to show us around and make sure we were staying on task!

Viewing some favorite pieces by some favorite locals!

After we were done at the Gallery we headed to Winter Works, the island craft co-op to view another form of art.

The beautiful sea glass wreathes, made by the boys grandmother!!

Wearable art! Yes!

The art of music!

And another stop on our art tour... Rusty's shop.

Rope work is TOTALLY an art work!

Quinny got one of the bracelets stuck! Whoops.

Our final stop was at the Island Inn to get a sneak peak at Alice Boynton's show!

Alice is a year round community member so it is really exciting to see her work displayed at the Inn.

Her work was beautiful and it was a privilege for us to have our own private viewing.

Heading back to school we noticed Quinn's nail-polish matched the lupins.

Whoops. We got caught by the Truman Officer... AGAIN!
We are heading back to school this time, we promise!

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