Thursday, June 23, 2011

Body Systems Project

For our final unit in science we learned about body systems. I cannot get over how amazing our bodies are and what they do for us every day. It is mind-blowing. We did not have a whole lot of time for this unit, so the boys got to pick which body system they wanted to focus on and become experts on that specific system. They each had to complete a written report about the system of their choice and a visual display of that system as well.

Quinn chose the circulatory system! So cool.

Dalton chose the muscular system!

They both wrote fabulous research papers and created t-shirts to visually represent their systems! Dalton looked like a muscle man in his shirt!

Back muscles!
I tried to get him to create a muscle body-suit to get the full effect... but he wasn't having it.

WOHOO! Quinn's circulatory shirt!!! YAY!

Look at all those veins! This shirt is AWESOME!

We had to get Quinn to try on Dalton's shirt while wearing his muscle shirt from the Christmas play! HILARIOUS!

Great last science unit boys! You are human body experts!!!!

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