Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kickball - FOR REAL!

Rain or shine... we were ready to have our kickball day... for REAL!

Never in the history of the Monhegan School have we had to reschedule our kickball day SO many times. I guess it just made us realize how much we really do love kickball day and how much we appreciate everyone changing up their schedules to come!

Day #2 of kickball started at 10am with our first morning game!

Millie lost her kickball shirt the day before so we gave her a kickball bandana instead!

We had our game faces ON!

It was a sunny day, so we had our shades ready.

High fives for kickball!

Once we got up to the field Norma and Quinn faced off for rock, paper, scissors.

The refs had their cards ready!

Team Kangaroos!

Versus the Robots!

Norma started off praying for a win from the start!

Brother versus brother. This was some hardcore ball.

All star Wolfie was all over the field.

Action shot!

Our super FABULOUS score keeper!

Bryan H. up to kick. He was like a secret weapon!

Nice form Ang!

Bryan up as pitcher!

The Divine B. Hitchcock up to kick.

Lookin' good sir.

Big kicker! GOOOOO D!

Run fellas!

Norma looked like a ballerina up to kick.

Lots of excitement on the side lines.

Here we go Quinn.

Crazy kicking Wolfie.

After the first game it was time for lunch. I suddenly realized Millie was MIA. I called for about five minutes and finally she came out of the woods with her bandana missing and covered in mud. Oh that puppy.

Muddy or not. I think she is the best.

LUNCH TIME! Some grill masters!

And another Grill Master!

Cookout @ the school house.

D and his proud grandmother.

A motley looking crew.

Lovely ladies.

Handsome fellows.

Picnic! The food was delicious!

Boys in blue.

It was a full house for lunch.

Dalton and his new sweet ride.

After lunch it was time to head back up the hill for the second round of games.

Pure happiness.

I've got it! I've got it! (I so didn't get it!)

BIG kick from Tom.

Slide by Quinn.

Muscle man?

Good game everyone. Good game.

Miss M. with a fabulous looking kick.

Our well dressed ref.

Mud puppy looking guilty.

Jumping for joy.


Gorgeous kick Norma.

Run ladies... RUN!

"Lead foot" Kyle.

This is a photo of the best play of the day. Kyle ALMOST caught the ball but it fumbled off his hands...

And into Quinn's! They got the out and the award for best play! A-mazing!

Fall of the day? Billy B. was willing to take a few for the team.

Time for the last game. Brother versus brother.

Pitching king.

Great team work ladies.

Intense game.

No mercy.

Ladies in pink.

One good looking family.

The Island Inn Crew!

The Monhegan House Representatives!

Award nominations are in!

Billy B. won "Field Jester!"

Travis won "Naughtiest Player!" Obviously!

Wolfie won "Lightning Feet!"

"Best Dressed" went to Kathie!

I am not sure if you could have guessed but Norma won "Most Dramatic!"

Tom won the "Ground Shaker" award.

Millie got "Best Mascot"

The day ended with everyone happy and...

completely exhausted.

All and all, it was worth the wait. Monhegan Kickball Day 2011 was one for the books.
Thank you for everyone who came up to play, watch, ref, cook, and eat!


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