Thursday, June 30, 2011

Whale Watching!

Tom, our residential "Bird Watching Man," took us for another kind of watching during our last week of school... whale watching!

Before we headed off to look for whales we took a peek at "Tom's Office."

It was a small trailer located on the southern side of the island that is FULL of super cool equipment that helps track birds migration on Monhegan using radar!

Awesome radar screen of bird's migration patterns!

After that mini field trip we went to Lobster Cove to watch for whales!

Tom set up his high-tech telescope and we got our our binoculars!

We had a whale book to reference.

Okay... you may not be able to see anything out there but we saw THREE whales that day!

What I took from our little field trip was that if you are patient enough... you will see something!

I see a cute little 7th grader!

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