Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Maya's Bench

So last you heard, the boys, with the help of Jessie's Dad, built this awesome bench last spring that was to be in honor of our beloved school dog Maya.

Well building the bench was just half of the project. After we built it Dalton got right to work sanding it in preparation for staining and painting!

On to staining. We had an awesome blue stain that our favorite art teacher gave us.

Goof ball.

Got to get every last spot!

Then it was time to paint a memorial for Maya. We drew out what we were going to paint with chalk. Dalton drew a beautiful picture of our golden girl.

Quinny wrote out Maya's FULL name.

I added tennis balls and hearts!

Even Margaret added a special touch.

Two beautiful red hearts... one for her and one for Maya. So sweet.

Few more touches.

Looks beautiful.

Millie thought it offered great shade.

It was pretty sweet how much Millie liked hanging around the bench!

Then it was time to glaze the bench with a special finish to keep it in good shape and dig a special hole in the school yard for Maya's ashes.

We moved the bench over the spot where we put Maya.

Now Maya and her bench will be at the Monhegan School forever. Perfect.

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