Monday, September 26, 2011

The robots are BACK!

School has started which means robotics has started as well! We spent the first two robotics classes sorting, inventorying, and organizing our legos and robot equipment. We sure do have A LOT of legos in our school!

Last week the boys finally got to start messing around with some of their ideas for their robots this year.

Dalton is thinking of mixing it up this year and trying to create a strongest robot, a robot he has never attempted to build before!

The ever persistent Quinn is going to go for the bridge building competition yet again this year! I am proud of him for not giving up!

We had a guest star at our last robotics class... a little robotics student in the making!
Mr. Brownell!

Dalton gave Brownell a little mini lesson about robots! So sweet!

And then Quinn showed him his plans for the bridge! Very cool!

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