Sunday, May 1, 2011

Star Party for Donga!

Have you ever been invited to a Star Party before!? Well, it is a pretty great time. A Star Party involves having bright paper stars taped to your door with sweet words and nice thoughts written on them. Only select individuals get Star Parties... and it has been a couple of year since our school last gave a party like this... but we know a very special individual who deserves such a party on our island.

Our favorite art teacher, dog walker, story teller, and overall school supah-star Donna Cundy (aka Donga) got a star party this past week.

We realized that she needed a star party when she was off island for a WHOLE week and we missed her SO much!

So we left stars on her door for when she returned. She is truly the best school helper in the whole wide world and we are SO grateful for her.

Donga... you rock!

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