Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Annual Holiday Card

So, it is the holiday season at the Monhegan School which mean lots of traditions. One tradition I have really enjoyed over the last four years is sending out the annual "Monhegan School Christmas Card" to all of our community on and off island. We have such AMAZING support for our school from SO many people it is nice to send out a card every year wishing our fabulous community a happy holidays.

First we make a list of everyone on island we need to send a card to. Then we make our inshore list. We ordered 50 cards this year and used them ALL up! So sorry to anyone we didn't get one out too. We just so lucky to have SO many people we love!!

Next the boys address ALL the envelopes... I am happy to oversee the project. I figure it is yet another life lesson we offer at the Monhegan School... how to stuff envelopes and address them.

It use to be that the boys would put the stamp in the wrong corner or address the evelopes upside down. We have come a long way I think!

So for all of you who we were unable to send a card to... here it is!
And on behalf of the Monhegan School, HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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