Sunday, March 11, 2012

March BINGO!

We had March BINGO last week... and you know what that means???

We only have THREE more BINGOS left in the school year!!!! Look how excited Quinn is about that little fact!

And then there is me... who is feeling relatively sad to say I only have three more BINGOs left in my Monhegan teaching career! Weird!

Of course March BINGO means a super fun St. Patty's theme! Look at all that glittery green goodness!

Hmm... whose picture will be next on the wall of fame?

Time to get to work. Dalton and Margaret working together to serve drinks as our BINGO players arrive!

I am always impressed by our loyal BINGO players...

Keeping the dogs away from the snacks.

One particularly naughty BINGO player!

The "boys" table.

Kathie got the first big win of the night! She looks adorable!

Travis looking classy with his prizes!

Quinn calling some lucky numbers... he was obviously too tired to stand.

Dalton was pretty tired too. 

Good thing we have Margaret around to keep the energy up and people moving!

Another big win at the boys table!

And another! It was a lucky night for the fellas!

Donna got the sparkly wig! What a lucky girl!

A quick nap in between calling numbers!

Totally loving the earrings!

Calling some more numbers!

Last year's March BINGO champ won some classy "bling" this year!

Alice was another big winner of the night.

The boys showing off all their prizes!


Three ladies with lovely St. Patty's headwear!

Time to call the final round!!!

Now that is a championship prize worth fighting for!

Everyone concentrating hard... hoping to win that grand prize!

Whose going to be the final winner!!??


And the winner is... none other than the lovely Gina, Gina, Gina!!! That hat looks like it was made for her!

All the lovely people in green!

It's not easy being green!

Congratulations Gina! It was YOUR lucky night!
(and green is TOTALLY your color!)

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