Sunday, March 11, 2012

Self Assessments!

The end of the trimester means it is time for me to give report cards and narrative assessments... but it also means it is time for the kids to give themselves their own self assessments.

Every trimester for the last five years the kids have taken the time to complete self assessments on the work they have done. I think it is really important for them to take the time to reflect on their own work and effort. 

Not only do they get a chance to grade themselves, but they also get a chance to give me feedback about what worked and didn't work for them during the trimester. I use their feedback to then plan how to best fit their academic and personal needs for the rest of the year.

The boys gave me SUCH great feedback this trimester and it made me really excited and energized to go into our last trimester together with clarity, focus, and gusto! I cannot believe we only have one final trimester together as a school. Oh man, I am going to be a wreck come June!!!! I miss them all already.

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