Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sugarloaf Trip - Day 2

Day two of skiing turned out to be a little more foggy than day one, but that didn't damper our spirits in the least! We were just so excited to be there!

In the morning my dad pulled out some of the Maine Handicap Ski equipment to show the boys. He always enjoys skiing in the sit down ski and it is so fun to watch him use it!

 Quinn was done with his lessons for the week so it was time to bring him to the top!

 As we rode up on the super quad we could see the sun working hard to bust through the fog!

 Super clear at the top! Look at those clouds and fog below! It was quite mystical looking!


 Pretty big deal for this kid! This was the first year he skied from the top of the mountain! He has improved SO much is both his technique AND confidence!

 Couldn't have been more proud of him!

 Man, how much have then grown over the last five years!

 One big happy ski family!

 Happy! Happy!

 Love the mountains coming out of the fog in the distance!

 Another traditional shot.

 Hanging out on the chair lift!

 Group shot at lunch time!

 Probably my favorite picture from the entire trip. So classic.

 Hanging out with our Isle Au Haut friends at lunch time again! So nice to be with them on this trip!

 After lunch my dad decided it was time to show Margaret some of the Handicapped equipment! 

 She got to take a very special ride in the sit-down ski!

 I wish I had better shots of her face. It was just filled with pure joy and glee!

 Dad was singing songs and hooting and hollering the whole time. Margaret was just shrieking with laughter and excitement. It was adorable.

 He took her through the ski tunnel! She loved it.

 Super cute. 

 After her ride in the sit ski, Paul and I took her for some more runs on the hill. At this point she was already able to make gorgeous turns on her own!

 She is a skiing machine. For real.

 I ended the day skiing with Travis and Dalton at the top of the mountain! It's quite a lot of work keeping up with these two!

 Showing off!

 And wiping out!

 We skied until the very last lift ran. It was a fun and exhausting day! Probably my personal favorite of the trip. Such great runs and by the end of the day it had started snowing. I was just so happy that everyone was having such a wonderful time and the kids were such amazing skiers. We are so lucky.

 After our long and awesome day we returned to our home for the week. This fabulous, well-loved cabin that is owned by friends of our family who has allowed us to use it for this trip over the last five years! Thank you Alyssa and Mike!!!!

 The evening was filled with lots of resting, reading...

 dog loving...

 and of course, playing.

 Chef Travis and Sheila in the kitchen working on dinner.

 The dogs supervising!

 Mmm.... Pizza!

 Quinn's version of salad... lots of ranch dressing, lots of croutons, and a little greens on the side.

 After dinner with played some more.

 And had some quiet reading time. I love this picture.

 It was just nice to relax, jammie-up, and have some down time together.

 And of course, we couldn't forget about dessert!

 We ended the night with some group games.

 Lots of laughing and silliness.

Early to bed for this exhausted, happy crew!

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