Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sugarloaf Trip - Day 3

Day three was a free ski day for everyone! Margaret, Paul, and I hit the slopes first thing! 

Margaret was SUPER excited to see Bulwinkle and Booberry Bear out on the mountain on her last day!

We took a break for lunch of course and also said goodbye to Jenn, Gabe, Margaret and Nora who were heading home a bit early in order to meet to boat (the rest of us were staying in for the Middle School Retreat!)

After lunch it was time to get down to business and get in as many last runs we could!

Excited to see the sun come out for us on our final day!

Alright, "let's juice box it!"

Ut oh, the sun wasn't lasting very long. The fog was coming back in! But we were still having a blast.

Couldn't have asked for three better ski companions!

Getting tired and silly!

Oh man, I miss this view so much!

Someone was getting a little tired. He fell asleep on the lift during one of our last runs of the day.

Headed to the top one last time!

He woke up! Final ride to the top! This face says it all.

Before we knew it, it was time to say goodbye and farewell to the mountain we adore!

But there was still more fun to be had. After skiing we met up with the Isle Au Haut school at the "Anti-Gravity Center" just down the road from the mountain!

We got to play on the trampolines for an hour! 

It was so much fun!

Even the teacher got to jump around!

We celebrated our last night at the mountain at our favorite Sugarloaf "hang-out"... THE RACK! Rootbeers for everyone!

Checking out all the funny videos from the day!

Hey look, it's the Isle Au Haut school!

What a great way to end a really fantastic week! Thank you to everyone who made this trip a success! I couldn't have ask for a better final ski trip with this school that I so adore.

Here's a little overview of our trip... including some awesome skiing footage of all the kids and some epic wipeouts! I could watch this everyday. So much fun!

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