Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Middle School Retreat - Day 2: Tubing, Rock Climbing, and Basketball... oh my!

After lunch we headed over to the Camden Snow Bowl for some fabulous Spring snow tubing!

It was about 55 degrees out. We were in t-shirts walking up the snow hill!

We got to have the hill ALL to ourselves!

Hauling up those tubes! Good thing they weren't too heavy!

Team tubing!

Backwards tubing!

Quinny's turn!

Here he comes!

The peanut gallery!

Some major spectating going on here.

Our fearless leader!

Some of our middle school girls enjoying the ride!


Here comes Rob!

Aw, great shot!

After tubing it was off to the Camden Y for some B-Ball!

Brother verses brother.

More team work!

Next to the basketball course the kids also had the opportunity to try their hand at the rock wall! Are we lucky or what??!!

Seriously awesome.

Nice form!

Quinn making a go of it!

The girls just enjoying the outfits.

Dalton heading up!

Meg's turn! Go girl!

Myron and Joe! Woohoo!

Even I got a turn! I made it to the top for the FIRST time!!

I am exhausted just THINKING about all the great things we did! But we are not done yet!

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