Thursday, March 1, 2012

Music Class with Tom!

You know another reason why we love our amazing, fabulous TLC coordinator, Anne Bardaglio? Well she just happens to be marrying an amazing, fabulous guy named Tom who just happens to be an amazing and fabulous music teacher!!!!! Anne and Tom came out and visited us this week and Tom was gracious enough to teach a little drum playing while he was here!

We were pretty excited to have a music class... our school has been relatively music-less since our famous ocarina band, which was almost two years ago now!

Tom started the lesson with just reviewing some basic note reading skills.

It was impressive how quickly these kids caught on!

But it might have had something to do with this fabulous teacher! (He is SO funny!)

Then it was time to drum!

Obviously it looks like these kids are not enjoying themselves at all.

They all had to follow the beats that were written on the board. They would change up the tempo and get chances to play individually and as a whole group!

Each of the kids got a chance to play Tom's djembe drum!

There are LOTS of great uses for these drums :)

Tom even came back in the afternoon for an additional "jam sesh" for the boys.

He really challenged them with even faster tempos and adding accents to the music they played!

They got to write in their own accents and then try the new beats out as a group.

These were some happy, drum playing kids!

Check out some of their mad beats!

So many thanks to Tom for taking the time to work with us! We adore you!

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