Sunday, March 11, 2012

Work week

We are finishing up our second trimester of school and gearing up for our week long field trip to Sugarloaf AND the Middle School Retreat next week... so that meant A LOT of work needed to be completed this week. And I mean a lot. The kids had to finish up their book groups this week, which means final projects and papers. Dalton is writing a five page analytical essay on the Scarlet Letter. As you can see from the above picture, I think his head may burst. 

Margaret was busy working from her new reading comprehension book! She is so independent in her work these days, it is pretty impressive!

Quinn had his final book group essay to finish, along with his sixth grade math program, and his poetry pieces he has been working on. Not to mention a social studies project he is collaborating with Cliff Island on! Busy, busy,, work, work!

This is pretty much how we all felt by the end of the week... thank goodness for our Sugarloaf trip coming up! That will re-energize our spirits for sure!

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