Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Team Poetry Slams!

You probably remember that we have been working on poetry with the Ashley Bryan school. We met last week to have the kids begin working on presenting their poems aloud in preparation for our TLC poetry slam!

To have the kids practice their poems in a comfortable and safe environment, we had them pair up with one another to "slam" their poems in teams of two. The "teams" met together first to discuss what poems they were going to read and how they wanted to present their poems.

The challenge was that the teams had to present their poems in two different ways by changing their emotions, phrasing, voice, and body language while reading their poems aloud!

The boys just LOVE sharing their writing with others... especially the kids from the Ashley Bryan School! They truly feel like a part of our classroom. We are so lucky!

Dalton teamed up with the eighth grader from Ashley Bryan to read aloud his poem, "Think!"

Bravo! Bravo!

Are these kids natural slammers or what!?

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