Monday, April 2, 2012

Spirit Week - Rock Star Day!

 Wednesday was a pretty epic day for spirit week! It was ROCK STAR day and the Monhegan School was excited!

 Everyone knows that Millie is a rock star!!!! 

 The kids ended up coming to school early to get dressed for the day!

 Good thing we are secretly rock star wanna-bes because we had a lot of great props and costumes for rock star day!

 For morning project we designed what we would want our album covers to look like, if we were indeed rock stars!

 Margaret's band would be called the "Silly Monkeys!" I love it!

Dalton's band would be called "Cardboard Box People!" Don't you just love middle schoolers!?

I like Quinn's album cover a lot! Super cool twister!

 Before we knew it, it was time for our Spirit Week share time! Rock Star Margaret was ready to go!

 Smooth Criminal!


 Our school rocks... literally!

 Here is the rocking Matinicus school! They even had strobe lights!

 Look at that rockin' teacher on Isle au Haut!!! 

 The Cliff kids had a special rock show prepared for us!

 This Cliff rocker even had the leather pants!

 Goodness me, I love these kids!

 Showing off her outfit!

 The Isle au Haut kids shared their favorite rock band! Nickelback is pretty popular on Monhegan as well!

 A performance from this Matinicus rocker!

 We of course ended our share time with a rock star dance party!

Rock on TLC! Rock on!

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