Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shed Project - You need a good foundation!

Day three of the shed project started out kind of yucky... like yucky, meaning mucky! The kids had the job of cleaning out the "underneath" area of the shed. They found some real treasures under there... a few empty bottles, lots of rotten wood, lots more trash, and even an old halloween costume! 

 When it was time to dig some holes for the posts to go into, Margaret and I came out to help... but it started raining so we didn't last very long and I didn't get many pictures!

 Mmmm... digging out the holes was pretty messy.

 The construction site.

 The school dogs were pretty bored since they weren't allowed to roam around outside while all the cutting, nailing, and lifting was going on.

 They finished digging and then it was time to frame the floor of the building.

 Lots of measuring and leveling in this process. I think the boys like the nail gun best of all.

 Another treasure... I super old hornets nest was found in one of the corners of the shed.

 Supervising Dalton with the power tool! 

 After lunch it was time to put the floor together. I had asked Quinn to do a couple things on his book group wiki before he headed back outside to work and he said, "Is it okay if I do those things for homework, I really want to get back to work." Can't really deny that request. The boys did extra homework last night so they would have more time to work on the shed. That's a pretty good sign!

 One, two, three, lift.

 More cutting and measuring.

 Making "bridges" to keep the boards steady.

 Time to lay the flooring.

More nail gunning.

The floor is done! Who knows what they will get accomplished on day four! They are speedy little workers!

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