Monday, April 9, 2012

Book Making in Art... with special guest!

We only had one lone student in art class this week.

Quinn was representing the student population on his own, but I don't think he minded... especially since we had such a cool art project this week!

Donna had ordered some great book making supplies earlier in the year, and we were finally getting around to using them!! Yay!

There were lots of crazy instructions that came with our supplies, so we had to be really good listeners and direction followers!

Step one... fold LOTS of paper!

Hey look! It's special guest, Becky Alberts! She came all the way from Washington D.C. for our art class... okay maybe not JUST for our art class, but she was still glad to be at school with us!

More folding and measuring!

Time to "hole-punch" the books... old school style.

Schooner did not like all the pounding. Art class is his nap time! Geesh!

More pounding!

Double time.

Next it was time to sew up our pages.

Lots of team work!

Quinny liked the extra attention!

Next step... gluing on the corner pieces.

Becky studying the instructions! Good thing she is an art teacher too!

Final step... gluing on the front and back cover!


And back! 
They came out terrific and what a fun project! Thanks Donna and Becky! 

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