Sunday, April 1, 2012

Animal Day

As you know, each week we have a different "color themed" day at school that we celebrate with the TLC "youngers" on Cliff and Islesford Islands. We started running out of colors to celebrate so we decided to mix up our themes from now on!

Our first "new" themed day was... ANIMAL DAY! Pure genius!!

We had almost 100% participation at the Monhegan School for animal day!
Margaret was a kitty.
I was Millie.
Millie was a bunny.
And Quinn was Stanley (even though I think he looked more like a French Poodle!!!)

She made a pretty cute bunny!

Look at all those crazy animals on Cliff Island! I see a dragon, hippo, AND bunny!

No matter how much they deny it, these boys love the younger share days!

During our share time the kids got to share any special stuffed animals that they brought to school that day! This little one on Cliff is showing off her special pink kitty, with the super long tail!

And look! Lamb Chop even came to Animal Day! 

Some of the Islesford students' sharing their special animals!

Ut oh... there was one animal who was obviously sick of dressing up for animal day!

Poor bunny!

Take a look at all our great animal songs, poems, and tounge twisters! It was a great share time!!!

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