Monday, April 9, 2012

April BINGO!

All these goodies can mean only one thing... it was time for APRIL BINGO!!!

With Dalton inshore we need to call in the troops to help us with all the number calling!

Rusty came! YAY!

Millie giving some moral support!

We asked for special "guest" callers. Tara stepped up to the plate... with some assistance from Miss M!

Our next "guest caller," Becky Alberts!

She was a pro!

Silly monkeys!


Don't worry! Billy B. was back! But her forgot all of his BINGO luck. He did not win a single game!

Rusty, on the other hand, had tons of luck! Look at all of his lovely prizes!

Quinny showing off some prizes!

Travis and all of his friends! He was missing Angela big time!

The light-up bunny that Pam won!
 (Just so you know, this teacher has a big phobia surrounding light-up bunnies!!)

The kiddos.

BINGO is exhausting.

Rusty stepped up to be a "guest caller!"

Quinn played Rusty cards for him while he called. Playing five cards takes a lot of work!

Pamela with yet another prize!

She shared some of her loot with Beckers!

And obviously we needed everyone else to try on her prizes.

Quinn has good cheeks to be a bunny!

Double ears!

Holy macaroni... the big winner of the night was Pamela! She won THREE games!
Look at all of those prizes!

But then it was the time everyone had been waiting for! THE CHAMPIONSHIP COVER-ALL 

The kids always make predictions of who they think will win... but we were all wrong!

The April BINGO Champion was first time champ, Jackie Boegel (also known as Billy B.'s better half!) Maybe Billy gave all of his good luck to Jackie for the night! Either way, we are SO excited to welcome Jackie to the BINGO Wall of Fame!

Great time everyone! Only TWO BINGOS LEFTS! AHH! 

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