Sunday, April 29, 2012

Vacation Day!

 We had our first TLC "youngers" share after break and we figured the best theme for our day would be... VACATION!

We wore our most vacation-y outfits...

I obviously wished that I had gone on an tropical vacation for my April break! 

 The kids took turns sharing pictures and stories of what they did over April break!

 Pictures of pools!

And trampolines!

 When it was Margaret turn she shared with the group about her vacation adventures!

 Look at her awesome picture of her roller skating!!!

 More vacation pictures!

And stories! Don't you just love Ms. Donna's vacation hat!?!

Cliff School's turn to share!

 Awesome picture of two kids playing with a beach ball over break!

 We then sang a vacation song and read a fun poem called "Vacation Frustration!"

 And you probably have no idea how we ended our share time...

DANCE PARTY!!!! It was a great way to share all the fun we had over our vacations! Only so many "youngers" shares left this year!? Any ideas for themes!?

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