Monday, April 9, 2012

Hat Day!

Last Thursday was Crazy Hat Day for the TLC youngers! Millie decided to borrow one of the hats we used for our "Colonial Project" for hat day!

Margaret and I made our hats to share with the TLC gang!

We also added some sunglasses to make our outfits complete!

Looks like Cliff Island made their own hats too!

Ms. Donna from the Ashley Bryan school had the BIGGEST hat of them all!

I see a Indiana Jones hat! Awesome!

It took a lot of balance to pull off Margaret's hat!

We sang some hat songs!

And read some hat poems!

And showed off our hats...

Lots and lots of hats!

Mr. H. looked like he had something dead on his head for his hat!

And we ended with a hat dance party... which Quinn always enjoys joining in on!

Just another silly day at the Monhegan School Couldn't really ask for anything better!

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