Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spirit Week - TLC Day!

I think Thursday was the highlight of our Spirit Week because it was our official TLC Spirit Day! The Student Council had planned to have our TLC day on Friday but because not all of our TLC schools would be available that da we changed it to Thursday! The student council organized a special "TLC rally" for this spirit day so we would have extra time to celebrate the TLC!

For this spirit day we were suppose to deck ourselves out in TLC colors, which all the kids voted on! We are proud to announce that our TLC colors are blue, green, and yellow!

Just my TLC outfit I just "threw together"... what-do-ya think?

Matinicus school decked out in their TLC necklaces and hats!

We were excited for our TLC rally!! Goooo TLC!

We had signs!

And lots of great TLC outfits!

And who doesn't love face paint! Now that is some TLC spirit!

T L C!

Yellow nails! Someone else had a good idea!

The Ashley Bryan school had tons of TLC spirit!

Margaret's favorite colors are blue and green so she was totally ready for TLC day!

Dalton's tie-dye shirt has all the TLC colors on it! (plus a few more!)

Look at that Mommy/baby TLC combo!

Mr. H lookin' wicked sharp in his TLC outerwear!

A homemade TLC hat! AWESOME!

Hey Look! Even Anne was able to come to our TLC rally! GO ANNE!

I specifically love it when our teachers and teacher's aids get in on our spirit days! You just can't help but LOVE the TLC!

YAY Isle au Haut!

After we showed off our TLC outfits it was time for a friendly, yet super competitive game of TLC Jeopardy! We had five different TLC categories... Students, Teachers, Field Trips, Curriculum, and Mystery!

Don't worry we also had Jeopardy theme music for when schools were trying to come up with their answer!

Let me just say, it was one intense game... the Ashley Bryan School was able to come ahead at the end and gain the title of TLC Jeopardy Champions! Way to go!

After Jeopardy each school shared a TLC cheer or song they had made up to share for our special rally!

Our cheer ended with the kids spelling TLC with their bodies... you can sort of see it, right!?

It was an AWESOME rally! We had so much TLC spirit is was busting out of the Tanberg...

It was even coming out of our heads!!!!


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