Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spirit Week - Black and White Day!

Our final day for Spirit Week was Black and White day!

We had a small crowd for our final spirit day... I think everyone was spirit-ed out!

Not Quinn thought, nice black and white outfit my friend!

And not only did Margaret wear black and white... she brought black and white accessories as well!

Dalton, however, only managed to wear some black pants and white socks. Whoops!

Cute little black and white dressed kindergartner from Cliff!

Wow! Look at that outfit!

And a skeleton! How did he manage to take off all his skin without making a big mess?

Extra points for the ACDC shirt on this little one!

Anne sporting her black and white pjs! 

Is that you Mr. H!?

Isle Au Haut group sharing their outfits!

Even their art teacher joined in on the fun!

I thought black and white day was an appropriate way to conclude spirit week since we were wearing black because we were in mourning that spirit week was over with... but there is always next year!

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