Monday, April 2, 2012

Spirit Week: Backwards/Opposite Day!

Tuesday was backwards/opposite day, a personal favorite because you can pretty much wear any and as many crazy clothes as you would like and it counts as school spirit!

  Millie was getting into spirit week too!

 For morning project we had to draw a pair of opposites but we had to do it "backwards" but using our non-writing hand. Pretty funny!

 My pictures. Not so easy writing with my left hand, let me tell you!

 Margaret's opposites!

 We had our spirit share time on the Tanberg! Kai from Cliff was wearing a tutu on his head and a shirt on his legs! He looked like a mermaid!


 The Monhegan kids were just plain silly in their backwards attire. Here they are sitting backwards in their chairs!

 One of the Ashley Bryan kiddos in his backwards jacket!

 Ms. Donna in her lovely backwards sweater!

 Some more backwards cuties! Instead of cheering on everyone outfits like we normally do we did the opposite and booed! The kids just thought that was the best thing EVER!

 Too silly!

 Even Robin on Matinicus joined the show!

See! I told you I loved backwards/opposite day!

 I had accidentally given the boys opposite vocabulary packets! Whoops!

 For art class Donna had come up with a fun opposite lesson! Here is what type of art we have in the world all around us!

 And this would be the opposite of that world!

 Time to make some opposite art!

 What would the opposite of Donna be?
 A boring, selfish, mean, cranky person... who hated dogs. Sounds horrible!

 Dalton's opposite drawing!

 And Quinn's!

Backwards/Opposite day was the worst day ever!!! (Just kidding! I mean the opposite!!!)

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