Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shed Project - Day of Demolition!

On day two of the shed project the boys spent the ENTIRE day outside demolishing the shed. I think when they first visioned the demolition process they thought they were going to just be handed a couple of sledge hammers and then get to go wild. But learning how to break down the entire shed safely and systematically is quite the process. The boys were up to the task!

Step one was to take off all of the trim of the walls, doors, and windows.

Part of our trash shed used to be an outhouse... this little gem of a sign was found inside.

The face of our dear old trash shed is quickly changing.

Protective eye and ear wear are a must.

Next task was to de-shingle the roof!

That was a lot of work!

And a lot of shingles!

Now it was time to take the boards OFF the roof!

Poor shed. It's seen better days.

Millie supervising!

Team work.

Getting into it!

After lunch time the boys were back for more.

The roof is almost gone!

Just a couple more boards.

The roof is GONE!

Time to take down the walls!

This was the fun part! Sledge hammers are important for this step!


One wall down, three to go!

And now two to go!

The walls are down.

Now it was time to lug everything to the truck!

Just the platform left! Who want's to have a dance party!?

Guess there is no time for dance parties... the floor must go!

Love the team work. I can see a "Burrough Brothers Demolition Company" in the future!

There goes the floor.

Happy and kind of delirious!

Shed, what shed?

I am so impressed with the kids work ethic, attitude and how excited they are to learn! They have a great leader he is patient and a really fabulous teacher. What a fun, interesting, and skill-based project! Day three will sure to be as fun and exciting!

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