Monday, April 9, 2012

Shed Project - Sheet Rock Demolition

For the past few years we have had some kind of construction project in the Spring for the kids to take part in as a kind of "enrichment shop class," but this year we are taking shop to a whole new level.

 The project... constructing a new trash shed for our school house! This is pretty big since the last two projects included building a dog house and a bench! But we are ready for the task! We have a community member leading us through this task and it should be a lot of work and a lot of fun. 

 Today we could only help for an hour in the afternoon but we were in charge of breaking up the sheet rock that was inside the shed and fitting it into one of the big metal bins that are used to take junk off the island.

 Pretty sweet first job... because we got to use sledge hammers!

And jump up and down in the big metal boxes to break down the sheet rock.

 What a poser.

 Action shot.


 Break down!

 Quinn's turn in the box.

 Karate kick!


It took an hour but we fit allll of that sheet rock into that one little box! It was kind of like our gym class for the week! Those boys are going to have sore arms tomorrow!

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