Monday, February 13, 2012

February BINGO!

We had a lovey-dovey BINGO last week! It was perfect because it was also "pink and red day" on island so everyone was feeling VERY festive!

Pink and red treats are a must for February BINGO!

We even had pink and red beverages! We are SO good!

Special thanks to my mom for the Valentine's prizes she sent to us! It's not easy to get off island in the winter and unfortunately Monhegan has YET to get it's own Dollar Tree!!!

It was a very sad evening due to the fact that Billy B. was no where to be found. He was still inshore... we tried holding off BINGO for him, but as they say, the show must go on! We did put an honorary post-it note on his "special seat!"

Red and pink nails for the big night!

Two full tables! Nice!

Margaret did a great job giving the opening remarks of the night and calling the first game!

Quinn and Brownell calling some numbers! Nice red outfit Mr. B!

Everyone is IN the game!

Lots of team work!

I love our old school BINGO machine!!

Quinn checking some numbers.

Big winner Kathie! Looking good!

Dalton's turn to call.

Quinn testing out a prize Travis won!

I think the dogs were feeling all the lovey-dovey vibes in the air...

That is true love.

Quinn showing off the love "bling" that was one of the prizes.

Everyone was feeling the love!!! Tara ended up winning the "bling" round and she gave her prize to Jes because she wanted it so badly! Such nice BINGO players!

Yes, Jes! That bling is TOTALLY YOU!

Time for the FINAL round! Look at that champion prize!

Lisa REALLY wanted to be the champ! We were all rooting for her!

But it was the super lucky Tara who became the February BINGO champion! Way to go Tara!

And here are all the pink and red participants! What a great looking group. Such great spirit!

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