Thursday, February 16, 2012

TLC Virtual Valentine's Party!

We celebrated Valentine's Day virtually with our TLC friends this year. The holidays are so much more fun at school now that we have more people to celebrate with.

The Student Council organized the Virtual Valentine's party! They invited everyone to wear pink, red, or their pajamas! They also created a "Secret Valentine's Project" where every student pulled a name of another student in the TLC and had to make a Valentine Card for them. The catch was that the students were not to sign their names on the cards and that at the party the kids would makes guesses to who their secret Valentines were! Sounds fun, huh?!

It was time to open the Valentines! Unfortunately Margaret wasn't here for the virtual party, but she still got a pretty rad Valentine!

Whose could Quinn's be from???

Dalton trying to figure out who could have made his lovely Valentine!

We are guessing someone with beautiful cursive.

Iselsford School opening their Valentines!

The Cliff School looking mighty festive!

And the Isle Au Haut boys opening their Valentines!

After we opened the cards the kids took turns making guesses of who made their cards. Everyone got three guesses! It took a while but we got through everyone!

At the end of all the guessing and singing we had one last Valentine's Dance Party!

My dad and stepmom just happened to come in for the dancing portion of the party... so they obviously had to join in... and the dogs too!

Here are some clips from the party! We LOVE the TLC!!!

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