Monday, February 13, 2012

Andy Warhol Art!

The theme of last week's art class was inspired by the famous, fabulous artist Andy Warhol! I have always loved Andy Warhol's work! One of my good friends in college was a big Warhol fan and covered her room with Warhol prints. I loved the bright, vibrant colors he always used and how he was so different than anything I had seen before!

Donna talked to the boys about the idea of "pop art," which is the style Warhol is known for!

She showed the kids some of Warhol's most famous creations as inspiration!

And then it was time for them to get to work... they had to pick a design to repeat and alter on a big poster.

Quinn picked some pretty sweet Mario sneakers.

Dalton did a food and technology theme print.

They had to work with a color scheme... stay tuned for their final products!

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