Friday, February 3, 2012

Plate Tectonics!

This week was week #2 of our TLC geology unit in science! Matinicus Island School was our "host school" this week! We met on Monday via the Tanberg for an introductory lesson about Plate Tectonics!

We watched a spectacular "Brain Pop!" explanation about the different "boundaries" that take place during plate tectonics. There are three main boundaries: divergent boundaries, convergent boundaries, and transform boundaries!

We watch some pretty cool animation of how plate tectonics have created the landforms we now know as the world's continents!

The Matinicus School then gave a little quiz "review" of the information their presentation covered!

I love how BADLY Quinn wanted to answer all the questions!

A little sampling from the quiz! Did you know any of the answers!?

Great lesson, Matinicus School!

The assignment of the week was to research some of the major terms that Matinicus taught us about in their introductory lesson and to also create some visual representations of the different boundaries that were discussed!

There was lots of paper cutting for this project... BUT we have a rule that if anyone leaves the paper cuter up after they use it they have to put their hand or head under the blade when I put it back done... okay, it is not a rule... just a threat. I know, bad teacher.

Adding to our science bulletin board!

Looks good, huh?!

Dalton did some great paper cuts to display the different boundaries he researched this week.

Great visuals!


And Obduction!

Quinn's visual representation of Pangea! I just love learning about Pangea! So crazy to imagine all of our continents connected together!

And Transform Boundary by Quinn!

Great work this week! Learning LOTS of new information! I can FEEL our brains growing!

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