Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter Book Groups!

It's another trimester, so that means it is another round of book groups! We have new students and teachers in our book groups this trimester which just makes it all the more fun!

Quinn is back in my group this trimester with three students from Islesford and three students from Matinicus! We also have Ms. Rogers, from Matinicus, co-teaching with me! Super fun!

We are reading "The City of Ember" by Jeanne DuPrau! A super fun and interesting read.

Then we have Dalton who is reading "The Scarlet Letter" with another 8th grader from Islesford! I am very excited for Dalton to be pushed a little out of his comfort zone in book groups and this book is doing just that! He is lucky enough to have our AMAZING TLC coordinator, Anne, leading his book group! She is a first timer in the area of book-group-leading... but she is totally ROCKING IT! Dalton is super excited to be working with her.

And then of course, the best book group of all... Miss Margaret's!

Margaret uses the Tanberg for her book group and she had students on Islesford and Cliff that she works with twice a week!

She even has a FROG PARK RANGER in her book group! I mean, can her book group GET any cooler?!?!

Book group time is pretty a pretty awesome time at our school!

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