Monday, February 13, 2012

Another round of community gym!

We had gorgeous weather for another community gym last week! What a fun day!

Good group to start us off!

We started off with a few rounds of "Cats in the Corner!"

The game is kind of like dodge ball... there are four "safe corners" and one person who is "it" in the middle of the corners.

When the person who is "it" yells, "Cats in the Corner!" everyone has to run to another corner without getting hit with the ball that the "it" person throws at them.

If you get hit with the ball, you are out for the round!

Whoever is the last person to get out wins!

Here's a couple of cute cats in the corner!

Dalton taking a turn being "it"!

Can you tell it was also red and pink day? So festive!

Ut oh! Someone is going to get out!

This little bugger was doing some gardening while the games were going on. So cute.

Quinn diving to get Jes out!

Then the dogs showed up which added a whole other layer of fun and madness to the game!

Next we played "What Time is it Mr. Wolf?"

This game is like a version of "red light-green light."

One person is the wolf and the rest of the group is back behind a line. The group calls out "What time is it Mr. Wolf?" and the wolf gives a time like "4:00!"

Then the rest of the group takes four steps towards the wolf!

The group keeps asking the wolf what time it is and the wolf keeps giving different times that gets the group closer and closer to him. Eventually when the group asks the Wolf what time it is he says, "FEEDING TIME!" and then turns and runs after the group!

If the wolf tags anyone before they get back behind the line they are now a wolf too and have to help tag people out!

I had never played this game before and it sure was fun!!

We definitely got a work out!

Look at those tired faces!

Thanks to everyone for another awesome community gym! We are so lucky for such wonderful folks who are willing to come out and have a fun time with us!

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