Monday, February 6, 2012

Community Gym!

We had a super fun community gym last week. Gym class is way more fun with a few extra community members!

We knew we needed some activities that would be good for all ages!

Travis was PUMPED to play outside!

We first played a few games of "Kick the Board Walk" which is much like kick the can! Millie and Quinn hiding!

Jes using her hood for extra coverage!

Margaret making a run for it from her super secret hiding spot!

Love this photo! You can tell we were not having any fun!

The dog house is a PERFECT hiding spot for this trio!

Quinn's turn to be it!

Ut oh, Brownell found Dalton!

Lining up for the next game, "Sharks and Minnows!"

Tara was the first shark!!!!

Look at her going after those minnows!

Ut oh! Run little minnow, run!

Gina was added to the shark team!

Go! Go! Go!

Last three minnows left!

Sneaky little minnow!

Ha! This minnow was alllll over the place!

Thanks to all who joined us! It was a blast!

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