Friday, February 24, 2012

Rainbow Day!

Our last color-theme day for the TLC "youngers" was RAINBOW DAY!

It is obvious that I do not enjoy these color theme days, at all!

Margaret was looking rather spectacular in her colorful rainbow outfit!

Here is Cliff School looking quite lovely!

And I got a quick look at this little one from Islesford in her rainbow tutu!

Such cute little faces up on that screen!

This little one had rainbow hair, nails, AND makeup on!

Of course the dogs had to have their rainbow colors on too!

All I could find was tie-dye bandanas from kickball... but I think it worked!

My favorite rainbow dragon!

We shared pictures of what everyone was going to do over February break!

It was fun to have the kids share a little about what they like to do with their families!

Another great, fun share time!

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