Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Cookies

I have to say, Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays. I like a day where it is encouraged to tell those around you how much you love them!

I have three little students who I love SO very, very much!

I also have lots of furry friends I love! Don't they look super cute in their Valentine's shirts!?

Aw, Millie LOVES her life!

When the kids got to school we worked on a special little project for our community members to tell them how much we love their support all year long... the project involved heart stickers... can you find one on Quinn?!

I love love.

For our Valentine's Day project we made our island famous sugar cookies and decorated them all pretty and sparkly and lovey-dovey! My parents stopped in to help with the decorating (and taste-testing) process!

Miss Margaret was on her way back from inshore while we were decorating so it was nice to have some extra hands to decorate the THREE batches of cookies we made!

Getting messy!

Can you tell that Quinn made this one!?

The "stacker cookie" introduced by Papa Campbell!

Yay! Margaret arrived!

Only a few more to go!

Thanks Sheila, for laying them all out so nicely!

Time for the traditional cookies test tasting... they are always allowed to decorate one cookie for themselves after they decorated all the cookies. Obviously Quinn overloads his with decorations and then can hardly fit it into his mouth!

Oh man, priceless!

Margaret is a little more dignified with her cookie eating!

And the traditional mess! But those cookies are worth it!

After lunch we packed up our cookies in little cups and baggies to go out and deliver to the community!

We added little notes, thanking everyone for "loving our school!" We were ready to deliver our Valentine's treats!

It was a gorgeous day to go door to door and deliver some sweet treats!

Margaret was excited to brighten everyone's day with cookies!

We dropped off some for Lisa who was working the election at the library! No one loves our sugar cookies more than Lisa!

Delivering some cookies to Stew and Gina!

It was kind of like backwards trick-or-treating! We were happy to be providing the treats!

We used the underhill trail to cut across to the Lobster Cove houses... we had almost completed our Valentine's mission!

Cookies for Donga and we got hugs in return!

We stopped at the post office to deliver to the post master!

And then found the final few community members on our walk back to school! It took as about an hour's time but we delivered all our cookies! What a fun way to show how much we love our community on such a lovely day!

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