Sunday, October 30, 2011

Inter-Island Field Trip - Day #2

Day two of our field trip started bright and early... super cutie with his little pal.

We started the day with some snuggle action of course!
The TLC kids are ALL about TLC!!!

A little drawing time for Margaret and her BFF from Cliff.

More snuggles....

Piggy back rides are making a comeback!

During breakfast I head one of the kids yell out... "It's here! It's here!"
We had rented a school bus for day two so we could all ride to our programs together.
You would have thought this was the only reason we came on the field trip! The kids were estatic! I would say about 85% of the kids had NEVER been on a school bus before! Pretty exciting!

It was totally Miss M's first time on a bus and she was thrilled!

More happy school bus faces!

"Hodlums" kids in the back... man, how do they know this stuff.

My bus mate was the coolest!

Static electricity on the seats kept us entertained for much of the ride.

Have I mentioned how much I love all of these kids!?!?!

He's a keeper.

We arrived at UMaine in Orono and huddled up outside the planetarium before breaking into an olders and youngers group. The kids passed the time by waving and saying "Good Morning" to all the college students walking by. Poor college students did not have a clue what was going on.

The youngers went to the planetarium first and the olders headed over to the rock gym.

Happy little monkeys!

Happy big monkeys!

There were some big walls to conquer!

Quinny heading for the top!

I think he liked the falling part better than the climbing!

Ms. Eysnogle giving it a whirl... she was apparently afraid of heights... who knew!?! Especially since she made it to the tip-top!

Ms. Greatorex's turn!

Dalton looked like a pro.

I gave it a try... but let's be honest... there was no way I was going to make it to the top.

And then their was super Anne! We all knew she was a super TLC coordinator... but who knew she was a crazy climber!

At the top!! Yes!

After rock climbing it was time to switch... the olders headed to the Planetarium and the youngers took a turn at the rock wall! Man, do I wish I had pictures of Margaret (nickname: Monkey!) at the rock wall! I heard she was pretty awesome!

The olders watch a mind-blowing program about Black Holes.... seriously, it made my head hurt.

And then one of the high points of the day... lunch at the college cafeteria!!!

After lunch time hugs! Margaret was not used to all this hugging action! But she got the hang of it!

After lunch we headed to the ropes course on campus. Two island buddies. So sweet.

Lining up for some team building games before we took on the challenges!!

Everyone tap the shoe!!!!

Passing the hula-hoop!

Time for the ropes course! Man, these kids were pumped.

They were given helmets and harnesses... this was serious business.

Can you even stand it!?

My super brave gal pal from Islesford was the first one to take on the high wire... the hardest rope course of the day!

It was pretty magical watching her cross the course. She was obviously scared, but so brave and all of her island classmates were cheering her one! Brought tears to my eyes. What an amazing experience!

Down she came! Our little hero!

Good thing we brought a little mini fireman along who knew a lot about using ladders!

Quinn getting geared up for his trip up the course.

Climbing high!

Helmet heads.

Margaret taking a turn up the ladder!

She made it!

Time for the balance course... Margaret and her partner were adorable.

The two teams had to work together to balance this platform... sound easy?

It totally wasn't!

The fireman wasn't going anywhere!

More climbing! Big D's turn!

He made it across.... no problem!

"Man, I am pretty high up here!"

Eliza from Cliff was a champ!


One last round up circle before it was time to head back to camp! What an awesome day!

A few photos before loading the bus!

Yay Monhegan School!

The ride back to camp was a lot quieter then the ride there!

We walked into Camp Jordon and was greeted by a super awesome hunted house made by Dylan from Matinicus!!! We were ready for our halloween party! (Check out the next blog post for scary pictures!)

Dinner was burritos. Yummy!

My favorite little guy.

Hanging out at the dinner table. I just love being together!!!

Of course the night ended in a dance party once again. We do love busting our moves.

The next morning came early... maybe a little too early.

And we had our first frost... it was so crisp and beautiful out.

But it was time to leave Camp Jordon and take the long trek home.

We were sad to say goodbye to our friends... lots of hugs and sad faces. But we knew we would see each other again soon!

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