Monday, October 24, 2011

Three students - three virtual book groups!

I know, I know more about that stickin'! Outer Islands TLC! But I just can't help it... the stuff we are doing with the TLC this year is just soooo cool. So, as you may have remembered from last year our kids take party in inter-island book groups each trimester. We group our kids from the five different outer island schools based on reading interest and/or reading abilities and then have different teachers take responsibility for leading different groups! Last year we just had book groups for the older students... but this year we have EVERYONE involved...

Here is Quinn in his "office" meeting with the "middles" book group. He has Ms. Donna from Islesford as his book group leader!

Dalton is in my book group. We have a total SIX olders in our group from three different islands! COOL!

Some of our members meeting on skype!

And last but not least, Margaret's book group! She has Ms. Eysnogle from Islesford leading her group. She is read allowed to twice and week via skype and gets to share her ideas and drawing and projects with the other kindergartners and second graders from Islesford!

I think Margaret gets the MOST excited out of everyone on book group day! It is pretty sweet.

So we have three students at our school and they each get to have their own book group filled with peers and different teachers... I mean, come on! That is cool!

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