Sunday, October 2, 2011

Inter-Island Event on MATINICUS!

Last week we headed to the FIRST EVER Inter-Island Event on Matinicus Island! We were SO pumped to go to Matinicus since the boys and I had only ever been there once and Miss Margaret had NEVER been there!

We had to take TWO boats and one car ride to get there, but we were just happy that we had nice weather for traveling!

We arrived on Matinicus and we're greeted with smiling familiar faces and BIG hugs!!!

We got to the school and Margaret saw the playground for the first time! And not only was it a playground, but it was a playground covered with kids!!!
Can I just say... love at first sight!!!

More HUGS! I love seeing these kids reunite!

Once we unloaded all our gear it was time to set up our tents.

Dalton and Quinn always have the BIGGEST tent at IIE. And then I always have the smallest...

We had to round up for a welcome and announcements. Margaret had already made friends with her buddy from Cliff Island.

Our fearless IIE leader... ANNE!

Mr. H lead the kids in an opening game! They got to be explorers!!!

Somehow all the explorers got lost in the woods!

The rest of the day was filled with fun workshops like capture the flag, sand castle building, baking and getting ready for the....

IIE talent show!!! YAY!

I could not have been MORE proud of Mr. Dalton for shaking what his mama gave him! How far this boy has come in his confidence!

And then Miss M. showed off our moves! It was a GREAT time!

Day #2 started off with a delicious breakfast...

and lots more running around.

Of course we had to play more capture the flag.

I mean, what is IIE without a whole lot of capture the flag!!

Got to love a truck load of kids!!!

The "serious" group picture! We told them to be GQ models!

The whole gang!!!

Anne and I gave an AWESOME presentation about our first every Inter-Island Student Council!

Yea, it was awesome!

See those smiles... that means AWESOME!

Beautiful mural!

And beautiful kids!

Thank goodness we had our own fireman, just to be safe!

Goodness me, I love this face.


Obviously Quinn was not having any fun.

Gorgeous girl!

Lots of playing...

Obviously island kids do not know how to use a slide.

King of the playground!

And what a playground it was!

At the end of the morning we had a special surprise for the kids... Inter Island YEARBOOKS!

Dalton and I had created the yearbooks at the end of last year with TONS of pictures from all our exciting events!

The kids got right to work signing each other's yearbook! A first for most of these kids.

The yearbook creator with his pride and joy!
He did an amazing job!

The kinders drew pictures for people to sign!

Before we knew it, it was time to circle up for closing time.

We sure were going to miss our friends.

Time for the youngers, middles and some chaperones to head to the boat. Margaret got a special ride!

And her new pal from Islesford carried her backpack.

Goodbye Isle Au Haut boys!

Margaret and her new pal from Cliff! Talk about two cuties!

The olders with a few chaperones stayed on Matinicus for an extra day to do some WORK! (stayed tuned for THOSE posts!)

Quinn just had to say goodbye to his favorite teacher, Mr. H, with a GREAT BIG hug!

Goodbye! See you soon!

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