Monday, October 24, 2011

Multi-Media Art Class

More amazing art at the Monhegan School! This week's assignment: make art with three different types of media! Ready, set, goooooo!

The boys got started right away. Dalton started in one direction and then about 20 minutes into class changed his plan of action... and you know what was great, he was allowed to change in drawing.... (that is what I love about art at the Monhegan School... when I was in school art class was all about the final product, but at our school Donna (our amazing art teacher) makes the creative process just as important, if not more, then the final end product!)

Quinn knew exactly what he was going to do for his multi-media piece.

A very popular form of media.... SPARKLES!

Favorite art teacher of alllll time!

I even joined art class for this assignment!

Lots of beautiful artwork being created here!

Dalton's final piece: "Rock Band" created with colored pencils, craypas, and watercolor paint.

My "Heart Tree" made with water colors, craypas, and sparkles!

Quinn's "Dragon's Breath"created with craypas, water colors, colored pencils, AND sparkles!

And Donna's "Lollipop Land" made with craypas, watercolors, and sparkles!

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