Monday, October 24, 2011

Surprise for Billy B.

You may have heard of a very special member of our school community... he is mentioned quite often on our blog... mostly during BINGO blogs! He is our very own Billy "Bingo" Boynton! Billy is special to us at the Monhegan School because he is not only our Truman Officer, but he is our BIGGEST BINGO supporter. I cannot think of a time when Billy was not at a BINGO night! That is some dedication! We wanted to show Billy how much we appreciate him... so we made him a little surprise...

It was his very own BINGO hat! We thought it might bring him some good luck at BINGO since it has been a while since he won a game! We put lots of sparkles and bright colors on it and headed down the road to deliver our special gift!

We presented our gift and I think Billy was VERY surprised! Dare I say, he may even have been SPEECHLESS!

Billy looked super stylin' in his new hat! We can't wait to see if it gives him any luck at October BINGO!

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