Monday, October 24, 2011

First EVER Inter-Island Student Council!!!!

Our Outer Islands TLC schools made HISTORY over the past couple of weeks by starting up the FIRST EVER inter-island student council! We introduced the idea at Inter-Island Event and at our first meeting we had 13 different kids from 5 different schools at 6 different sites on our Polyberg! PRETTY IMPRESSIVE!

We had so many different sites that they could not all fit on the screen at once!

Anne and I are co-advisors for our student council, so Anne conferenced in from the Island Institute!

The biggest surprise came when one of the former students from Cliff Island showed up on a Matinicus student's computer, who was in Portland on this particular day! CRAZY SURPRISE!

During this meeting we talked about the different roles students could run for within student council and we talked about campaigning! Since our students are not all within the same school building they had to go above and beyond the typical "paper posters and buttons" campaign! They needed to make ONLINE campaigns that they would then post to our Student Council Wiki!

I made a sample campaign for them to see... I was running for Student Council Advisor!
I think I got their vote :)

They had about a week and a half to campaign! Dalton was running for President! A big risk since the presidential race had four student from four different schools in it! He worked hard on his campaign though... I really liked his sandwich platform.

Quinn decided he did not want to run for anything in particular... but just be on student council! I still really liked his campaign, especially the random Christmas tree at the bottom of the page!

On election day we gathered to watch all of the A-mazing campaigns that our TLC classmates created!

Lots of great platforms... it is going to be a hard decision!

Teachers were interviewed by the candidates...

Glogs were created...

Imovies were made...
(This Imovie from our friend on Matinicus was AWESOME! He somehow superimposed himself in the oval office!!! Seriously cool!)

Even Charlie Brown was interviewed! There was some major-ly cool campaigns happening here!

And then the time had come... voting time!

We had super official ballots sent to all the schools and we made sure the most responsible member of our school handled the ballots (that would be Margaret of course!)

She had a badge and she took her job VERY seriously!

Passing out the ballots!

Super cute.

Oh man... hard decisions. Quinn looks stressed.

Time to collect the super secret ballots!

At the end of the day we were suppose to have a video conference to announce the results but about an hour before school got out we lost our internet connection! (TALK ABOUT STRESS!) So we had to phone conference with Anne as she announced the results to the rest of the group!

We cheered everyone on as the results were read!

Quinny was elected Monhegan School Representative!!!! Look at that election smile!!!

And drum roll please..... Mr. Dalton Lee was elected the FIRST EVER inter-island student council PRESIDENT!!!! WOOOHOOO! You can see/hear the excitement!! It was pretty awesome.

This was a big moment for our TLC and especially for my guys at the Monhegan School. They have never experienced what it is like to make a sports team or get a role in a school play or better yet, be voted by your classmates into student council! This TLC project have given them opportunities they would never have experience if it was just myself and them in our little school house doing our own isolated thing. This is pretty stinkin' cool stuff going on here!
Take notice!!!

To hear Dalton's take on the student council race... check out his blog post on the

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  1. Hey dalton there is a couple of things you are missing
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    fourthly what will you say to people about bilboards when you pass them on the field trips.