Sunday, October 23, 2011

Space Studies

The solar system has literally taken over our classroom and I could not be more excited about it! We have been studying space exploration this fall in science and it has been a BLAST! We have been taking a closer look at our night sky and started putting up constellations on our classroom ceiling using glow in the dark star stickers. We have been using a map of the Northern Hemisphere's night sky to plot the constellation and I have to say it has really helped me be able to identify the constellations at night since we have been putting them on our ceiling!

Did you know the great dragon's tail circles around the little dipper! Look for it the next time you are out star gazing!

Margaret made some constellations of her own using crayons.

Then she painted of her night sky drawing with black watercolor paint and the stars stood out!

Beautiful night skies!

Any free chance Quinn gets he goes back up onto the ladder to add another constellation! He has been dying to put up Orion!

I help by passing up stars... sometimes I get distracted.

Quinn does not look impressed.

Orion is almost done!


Margaret working on her star poster. She has a bunch of star facts that she cut and pasted onto her poster and then it was time to decorate... star style!

She had glitter, craypas, glow in the dark stickers and more!

Even Quinn got in on the star decorating!

Her beautiful little dipper!

Dalton and Quinn were assigned to make "travel videos" for the space wiki they are involved in through the TLC. Dalton did his travel video on Jupiter! And Quinn did his video on... you guessed it... URANUS!

Dalton's Jupiter Video!

Quinn's Uranus Video!

Of course Margaret was showing her space knowledge as well!
When Margaret's friend came to pick her up from school she HAD to teach him all about space!

Showing off Jupiter's big red storm!

Working on a planet mobile!

Lots of planets to write!

Reading her Solar System poem!


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