Thursday, October 20, 2011

Teacher Conference Presentation

I was a little on the stressed side last week when I was heading inshore to the Island Teacher's Conference. The teachers of the TLC project were asked to present about the technology we use in the TLC project and as much as I LOVE technology I had no idea when I was going to find the time to create a presentation about technology... that is where my fabulous students come in!
I had a big SOS on the board after lunch one day and asked the boys if they would be up for helping me create this presentation for the Teacher's Conference.

As always... they were able to save the day. They helped me outline the presentation and came up with the idea of interviewing the students of the TLC via technology! BRILLIANT!

The boys came up with questions to ask students about technology and then we set up some skype calls with our friends from the other islands to conduct the interviews!

Interview with some Isesford students!

Then D & Q began piecing the interviews together into short movies that we could include in the presentation!

Thank goodness for this student! Without him my presentation would have been some dry powerpoint with no flare...

To read more about the Island Teacher's Conference AND see the final presentation the boys helped me create check out the blog post on our Outer Island Schools' Blog!

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