Monday, October 24, 2011

Visit from some special summer friends!

One of the saddest parts of summer ending on Monhegan is the kids having to say goodbye to all their summer friends! We had some VERY special summer friends come visit us at school a couple of weeks back! And it sure was fun to have a little extra kid-energy in the school!

Here is the lovely Leah... one of our summer friends checking out Dalton's space movie.

And Leah's fabulous siblings, Jesse and Garrett... now looking at Quinn's Uranus video!

While our friends were visiting Margaret was making comets to hang from our ceiling (we had just read a pretty cool book on comets and we decided it would be cool to have comets be apart of our ceiling solar system we are creating!)

Margaret had enough materials to make exactly 8 comets... and GUESS how many kids we had in school that day!

So each of the kids got to hang their very own comet! Margaret had learned from her comet book that comets are named after whoever discovered them. So she promptly decided that each comet would be named after who ever hung the comet on the ceiling! We have Leah's Comet!

Jesse's Comet!

Garrett's Comet!

Dalton's Comet!

And Leah put up Margaret's Comet!! PERFECT! (I didn't take a picture of Quinn's Comet! But don't worry, he has one too!)

Then we had our friends help us put up a constellation on the ceiling!

Jesse choose to put up the unicorn! So pretty!

YAY! If only this could be our school population ALL year!

Super cute.

Goodbye friends! See you next year!

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