Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Hunting!

It is my FAVORITE season on Monhegan... FALL! Which means we are gearing up for one of my FAVORITE holidays at school... HALLOWEEN!

We went on a very special hunting mission...

Even Millie got to come!

We were hunting for PUMPKINS!

And boy did we find them!! They were in back of the boys' grandmother's house! Kathie (the boys' grandmother) is our island gardner and she had a HUGE pumpkin patch going in front of her house! After she picked all the pumpkins she invited the Monhegan School over to have first dibs on the pumpkins! Are we lucky or what!?

Margaret looked over all the pumpkins very carefully before picking hers out!

Dalton knew which pumpkin he wanted RIGHT away!

Loading the pumpkins into our wheel barrow.

Quinn switched at the last minute... it is just SO hard to choose!

Time to bring the pumpkins back to school to wait to be turned into Jack-o-laterns!

Just look at these pumpkins! They're FANTASTIC!

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