Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Plant Updates!

There has been a lot of growing and blossoming happening at the Monhegan School and it is not the boys (well maybe them too, but don't tell them I said that!)

Our plant experiments have been keeping us busy... lots to observe between leaves, buds, and even some ROOTS!

Within days of putting our lilac clippings in water the buds started BUSTING out!

A big surprise! The amber willow is forming roots!

And look at the lilac now! Holy moly!

Quinn was nervous that none of his clippings were going to do anything, but look at this apple tree clipping.

And the scented geranium showed no new changes for a week and a half and then over the weekend this sweet little flower appeared!

And we thought this geranium stem was D-E-A-D, but hark if you look REALLY close you can see a teeeeny tiny leaf growing!

And our prized possession... our amaryllis bulb! We cannot WAIT for this to bloom.

We are loooooving our plants and also love watching our hypothesis be proved or in many cases... disproved

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