Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shop class with Paul!

This week we had a very special visitor, Paul, also known as our yearly shop teacher, also known as my very fantastic father! My father has been away for the winter working in St. Thomas as a ferry boat captain and carpenter. He only just returned to Maine a couple of weeks ago and high on his list of things to do was come out to the island to build a VERY special project with the boys: A bench for our school yard in memory of Maya (we are going to put some of her ashes under the bench so she is always guarding the school.)

Whenever Paul begins a new project he gives his "opening speech" to his crew about safety and also instructing them to call him "captain." He is nuts.

Paul found a bunch of scrap "Monhegan wood" around the island to make our bench.

This big board actual came from the school house but ended up in the burn pile, but we brought it BACK to school to reuse!

Measuring out the lengths of the boards.

And now it is time for the power tools! YES!

Oh, and did I mention that with my dad came his fabulous dogs!? I am not sure who we were more excited to see, my father or the pups!

More measuring!

And then cutting!

Quinn's turn for cutting.

Dalton taking a rest with the puppies.

Dalton helped me paint a sign to go next to the bench to explain the memorial and how special our little school dog was to us!

Boards are cut... time to assemble!

And screw!

More screwing!

Quinn took the first test sit!

Looks like a bench to me!!!!

Then it was time to put the bench under Maya's tree.

The boys.

Look at that hard working crew!

I was trying to give Quinn thank you kisses... he was not impressed.


The we got the dog approval for the bench... I think Maya would approve too. Now we just need to sand, stain, and detail! We will keep you posted with the final product.
I am very pleased with this memorial. It will be a great way to keep Maya at our little school and in our big heart forever and always.
Thank you Dad and boys... you make my heart happy.

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  1. Absolutely love it! The boys and Paul did an awesome job! Maya would have loved it ....